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I'm Melissa Hansen.
I am a private club membership + marketing educator that provides resources to industry professionals who are striving to get creative and think outside the box.  With over ten years in the hospitality industry, I've had the opportunity to learn from some of the most successful leaders in the business.  I am eager to share the knowledge and information I've learned and provide you with clear strategies for your membership success!




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Membership & Marketing
Half Day Intensive Masterclass
Spend a half day with me and together we will focus solely on the areas of your membership department that need improvement and inspiration.  You will have my undivided attention for a half day, in which we will explore the individual challenges and opportunities facing your club.  We will uncover the ultimate secrets to mastering all of the roles a Membership Directors plays.  By the time we finish, you will walk away with a new set of goals and your unique path to achieve them.


Membership & Marketing
Full Day Immersive Masterclass
Experience the pulse of possibility and inspiration in my full day, personalized class. We will review and assess your membership department to uncover blocks, resolve problems and identify opportunities.  My goal is to help you with exactly what you need to have membership success!  With this course I will share the best of what I have learned through continuing education and experience over the past decade as a Membership and Marketing Director. Expect more than just ideas and inspiration, but implementation and strategy to emerge by the end of our day together.  This program will change your entire game and help you stand out in the private club industry.
V.I.P Academy
Enjoy all of the benefits of the Full Day Immersive Program PLUS bonus access to . . .
  • Weekly Check-In Coaching Calls for the first month following the Full Day Immersive Course (90 days)
  • Access to Private Facebook Group of Membership + Marketing Professionals in which you can ask questions and gain insight 24-7
  • Monthly V.I.P Emails offering free tips and training for membership professionals.
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Sandy Cotter

Director of Membership

La Playa Beach & Golf Club

Not often in this business do you find an individual that excels at everything they do, yet Melissa has the uncanny ability to lead, manage, execute, and perform, always with dedication and a positive attitude. I've worked with Melissa in a professional capacity for eight years, and she managed to improve the entire dynamic of an organization very successfully within a short time frame. Added, she is a great coach, inspiring mentor to many, and creates a motivated culture within a group. Melissa is a true professional! 



Shea Brower

Director of Membership & Communications

Pelican Marsh Golf Club

"As someone that has only been in this industry for three years, I am eager to learn as much as possible and have had Melissa’s phone number handy since day one, as she is an expert and mentor to me. I highly recommend taking the Masterclass whether you are new to the industry or if you would like to take a deep dive into different courses offered. As a seasoned professional, Melissa shared tips and tricks within the five courses I selected and provided me with clear strategies for membership and marketing success at my Club. Trust me, this Masterclass is beneficial to all!"

Cassi DiStefano

Membership Director

Twin Eagles

As a Membership Director of a newly transitioned member-owned Club, starting from scratch was difficult to say the least. Melissa’s expertise in her profession really helped guide me to establish the basics that a Membership Director needs to excel in the industry. I took the Half Day Intensive Masterclass and it left me wanting more! Her professionalism, kindness, and eagerness to help clients succeed really shines through and it made me feel so comfortable and open in my class. I 100% recommend these courses to all hospitality professionals who are looking to excel in their position even further. Whether it is for basic knowledge like me or just to hear her fantastic tips, you will be so glad that you did. I cannot wait to schedule my next Masterclass. Thanks Melissa!



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